The Collaborative; An Introduction.

The Collaborative has been started to bring two hobby enthusiasts together. It will be a hub of combined efforts, exploring themes and artwork to bounce inspiration from one another. Over time we’d like to involve the community in conversion ideas, joint projects, tutorials and sharing work of other talented hobbyists.

To start with we have Imperialrebelork from:

and Remnante from:

Each of us have our own ideas, approach and style when it comes to miniature conversions. We will be exploring ideas in parallel to each other, examining different sides of the same concept to create a rich and unique view of the Warhammer worlds. And it’s not just us, we actively encourage anyone reading this to get involved with our projects too! Send in pictures of models you’re doing and we’ll feature it on the blog. It might just help to inspire somebody else.

If you haven’t seen our work, here’s a little rundown:

Imperial Rebel Ork is constantly trying to step out side of the square and come up with new and exciting concepts and ideas. It is clear by looking at his model creations that he fully immerses himself in the theme of the project. There are no boundaries to the imagination.

Remnante creates unique and characterful models that have the ability to tell sad, grim and sorrowful stories just by the way they look. Each model is a stand out piece and are true pieces of art. The stories for each creation (The fluff) are just as unique, interesting, dark and well put together.

Watch this space…  Something’s buzzing…


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